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Touchlib’s AS3 TUIO library updated

May 31st, 2009

Fire up the SVN, Touchlib's AS3 TUIO library has been updated! Along with RotatableScalable. These files have been my introduction to developing Flash AS3 apps for multi-touch. This is a great thing, changes that have been mentioned in the NUIGroup Forum Threads have been added in. And even suggestions from this site has been added as well.

  • Addition of DX/DY event sending. Important for getting multi-touch FluidSolver to work
  • returnBlobs(); function was added into ~ a personal favorite of mine ~ read more
  • RotatableScalable scaling registration point bug fixed ~ read more
  • and TUIO debug mode ON/OFF bug fixed, all tracking diplays can be turned off without errors

Now that Touchlib is once again updated. I've integrated the new files into my own collection of experiments., and went through each one to make sure no problems arose. Another thing I began checking was using Flash Player's Standalone Debugger version 10. For those who don't have Flash to work with and do not have a stand alone player, that's where you can find one. Read the rest of this entry »

Add, Move and Remove MovieClip from Library via Touch Point

April 3rd, 2009

thumbI received a request on my Blob Lines Tutorial from Simplex

I just want to put a Movieclip under each blob, move each Movieclip when blobs move AND remove the Movieclip when blob is away

Simple, right? Well not at first for me. This is something I've been trying to work out for a while. What is a clean solution to pull a MovieClip from the library dynamically onto the stage...keep tracking that MovieClip with the one specific blob...then remove it when that blob is removed. And I must say, I was scratching my head on this one for a while. I would get to the point of removing the MC, and it would all fall apart from the way I thought I should work. Read the rest of this entry »

Tutorial: Blob Lines

March 15th, 2009

There are two ways to work with multiple touch point that come to mind when developing multi-touch applications. One is to attach TouchEvents to the objects which are applied to the stage. The other is to use the array of blobs to build interaction between the blob points. In this tutorial I'd like to go over a basic setup you can use to communicate through the blob array, by drawing lines through all of the blobs that a activated on the stage. This app is built using the Touchlib classes for multi-touch communication with tBeta or Touchlib via FLOSC.

If you do not have the needed Touchlib files, you can find them here:
by downloading from the download page, or downloading the source code via SVN in the Source section.

So begin with creating a new folder, i named mine "blobLines" and create a new Flash file, which I've named blogLines.fla
Then create another folder named "BlobsFunction" (this is case sensitive) in the "blobLines" folder, this will contain the AS file of the application.

Find the folder labeled "flash" from the Touchlib files, normally found in /AS3/int/
And copy this folder to your "blobLines" folder. This contains the TUIO classes needed for Flash to communicate with tBeta and Touchlib via FLOSC.

So now your "blobLines" folder should have: blogLines.fla, a folder labeled "flash" and a folder labeled "BlobsFunction"

Open the Flash file and set size setting to you screen's resolution, I use a 1024x768 size display, and change your framerate to 30fps.
Now open a new file, and create a new Actionscript file. Save as... (this is case sensitive) Read the rest of this entry »

New Function for

March 11th, 2009

Building an array in a new AS file is redundant when the file already contains an array of all the TUIOobjects constantly updated everytime the XML from FLOSC is updated for tBeta or Touchlib. So I planned on figuring out how to access that information directly from

I started with converting some variables to public. It worked well, but after talking with a co-worker/developer, I realized that I should keep that var in the file private. So I needed a new way to gather the information. My first thought was to use some type of set/get to pull the information. After a few attempts, and getting no where. I realized there were already public functions that pass data from the file. So I simply added a new function that returns OBJECT_ARRAY.

public static function returnBlobs():Array{
        return OBJECT_ARRAY;

Then, in the new AS file I'm creating, all i have to use it TUIO.returnBlobs() and the returned value is already an array, ready to use, and every time TUIO.returnBlobs() is called, it is already up to date with the proper number to TUIOobjects in the array.

Download example Multi-touch Flash apps at: