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Sliding Lists ~ TUIO Flash App Widget

December 13th, 2009

screenshot1So I am trying to build out this proof of concept application, its a demo of a conference's floor plan with a list of all the attendee on the side, you'll scroll through the list, pick one and the app will show you the location on the map and give more information about the attendee. Only one problem, I'm using the TUIO, so there isn't a component for a scollable list of ...anything. So looks like I just have to build one.

I took a couple tries before I stopped coding myself into a corner. The layering of the component had to be just right. Plus, it needed to the usable at any angle. It is intended for a table top / multi-user display. And to make that happen, I needed quite a bit of layering, on the app and in the code itself.

I also wanted this to start off all code based, so I only used FlashDevelop. So moving forward, if you have Flash you can build a MovieClip and attach it to the List Item Object and customize the look of the selectable items.

Download Slide List Widget

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TUIO Small Keyboard Widget

November 20th, 2009

My Google Code page has been updated! After what has seemingly been forever.

I've created a widget that I'd like to share with everyone. A small for keyboard for use in Flash TUIO multitouch (experiments) projects. The form I based off of my Google Android Phone and iPhone style. Read the rest of this entry »

LaserDraw - multitouch extension

July 28th, 2009

Now feels like a good time to get back into it. Especially coming across this site:


laserdraw1Sure, it doesn't seem like there has been many recent posts. It can be hard juggling a life around experimenting. It doesn't make it any less awesome when you see something and get inspired. Here is what I found, a AS3 script that would not just draw a line, but so nice ribbon curving and add a glow around everything automatically. It is just begging to be multitouchable (that sounds a little dirty now that I think about it).

"This experiment uses the AS3 drawing methods to generate an organic mask formed by several pairs of points linked with curveTo.

The generated shape masks a simple radial gradient and the result has a GlowFilter and a DropShadowFilter applied to it."

It works great, no doubt about it. But the source is there, we can take it a little further. Now I got a lot further than expected working on it, and the night is starting to get late, so I'm going to try and condense the main ideas I want to remember that are the most useful.

Download Multitouch Source Code

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36 Views at Ingenuity Fest - Report

July 14th, 2009

The Artists First off, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came out to support art, music and technology in Cleveland. I feel very proud to have been part of such an event. Not only was the public curious and interested in everything that was going on, even the fellow artists, musicians and technologists were eager to enjoy the whole festival.

But now, down to it.

36 View of a Bridge

The main question everyone had when I got back to work on Monday was, “how did it go?”

It went Awesomely.

Sure, there were a few kinks to work out at first. Two of the videos were still being converted to h.246 compressed videos so they could be played by flash in HD. And the voting on the table had a few bugs because of the missing videos. But Alex and Andy got them wrapped up ASAP and in they went.

Smoooooth sailing from then on, right? Well, not exactly.

The multi-touch table was wrapped in a cloth for appearance sake, and I didn't realize how much heat it would trap in. Within 2 hours, the mirror I was using to reflect the projector slowly started to melt off of the frame that was holding it! Oh boy, quickly I got a block of wood to secure the bottom section and grabbed the duct tape (duct tape is my personal hero in times like this). Mirror is back on track and luckily I never nudged the camera so the calibration was only off by what looked like 1/4 inch—not horrible. And aside from that, only the Flash on the multi-touch table got a little overwhelmed a few times over the course of the weekend.

Saturday morning. Got the iPhone voting functioning—that was yet another highlight of day. People were capable of voting for videos outside of the exhibit if they felt so inclined. And it was cool to see the playlist randomly change order at any given time the table.

On Sunday the entire setup ran error-free for 5 hours and 59 minutes! Not bad for a first time art/tech exhibitor, in my opinion.
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Word is Spreading - Ingenuity Fest - 36 Views of a Bridge

July 4th, 2009

The news is going out, one week from now, Ingenuity Fest.
Heres a list of more information:

  • To see trailers of the interactive film and find more information, please check out

FTIR to DI Conversion

June 9th, 2009

I've got some upgrading going on. First, I procured a new projector. I was worried the old one was running out of bulb life, and I borrowed it. Similar throw distance, well a little less. And I decided to switch from FTIR to DI for an upcoming event. So now I can just get a now projection screen and solid surface and be set until the next build.

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Multitouch Magnifier - AS3 experiment

June 2nd, 2009

Fire up the SVN, there's an new experiment to check out.

multitouch magnifier - AS3 from Chris Yanc on Vimeo.

If you don't have all the files, you can find them here:

For this one, you are going to need Flash CS3 or CS4 as far as I know. I don't know how FlashDevelop or Flex will translate. We will be using assets from the Library which are linked to AS files. I'm thinking it'd be best to go through the files. Read the rest of this entry »

NUI Group Community Book - Multi-Touch Technologies

June 2nd, 2009

While I was moving to a new home, I was approached by Rishi Bedi from the NUIGroup as they were just about to finish up putting together the first draft of their community book project. They were running out of time and needed something for the Actionscript 3 section of the book. I was pleased to help out in any way I can.

So as quick as I could, I wrote up a little Actionscript history lesson, How Flash communicates with tracking software via FLOSC, and building your first app to get your TUIO communication started.

Admittedly, there has been major changes since the section was first written. CCV now communicates directly with Flash, returnBlobs() has been added into so you no longer need to add that yourself.

Every author in the book has done an excellent job and I'm proud to be a part of such a brilliant community. I'm looking forward to finding the time to read up on every section.

See the forum discussion:

Download the first draft: